Welcome to Meg’s Reflexology of Doylestown. Meg provides clients with expert and affordable reflexology services in the comfort of her local, Doylestown office. Upon request, services can be provided off-site. Meg’s Reflexology provides a number of services including:

Additional services that may be added into any session include Ginger compresses, cupping for collagen production, ear candling, color light therapy and wrapping feet with hot towels.

Giving yourself a session with Meg is a perfect way to care for and love yourself;

It feels wonderful during and pays dividends afterwards.

Ben W. – Doylestown, PA


Reflexology is a holistic manual therapy that originated in Egypt and China over 3,000 yrs ago. Using a variety of techniques to palpate the areas of the face , scalp, feet and hands the practitioner Locates deposits. These deposits are uric acid ( a waste product ) that causes Inflammation on the nerve roots causing pain in the body. Breaking up these deposits using finger pressure improves nerve function and blood circulation, as well as lymphatic flow within the body.