Japanese Lift Therapy

Japanese Face Lift is a one hour session that stimulates the facial muscles on a deep level, promoting collagen production, eliminating puffiness, improving the appearance of facial lines, treats hot flashes, facial paralysis and migraine headaches. This technique is most effective over the course of 12 consecutive treatments scheduled in a timely fashion. Recommended treatment schedule is twice per week for 6 weeks.

Additional Services:

Extra services that may be folded into any of our sessions include:

  • Ginger compresses to relieve inflammation
  • Cupping to stimulate collagen production and to decrease inflammation
  • Ear candling to remove excessive wax, aids in release of ear pressure and itchiness
  • Color light therapy to reduce inflammation improve sleep quality, treat rosacea
  • Hot towels wrapped around the feet with essential oils to boost the immune system

Reflexology is a holistic manual therapy that originated in Egypt and China over 3,000 yrs ago. Using a variety of techniques to palpate the areas of the face , scalp, feet and hands the practitioner Locates deposits. These deposits are uric acid ( a waste product ) that causes Inflammation on the nerve roots causing pain in the body. Breaking up these deposits using finger pressure improves nerve function and blood circulation, as well as lymphatic flow within the body.