Tonya Stoltzfus Menges

I love my sessions with Meg! She truly loves her clients and wants them to feel their best! I personally have issues with a lot of inflammation in certain areas of body due to the work I do. She knows exactly how to treat those areas and she explains exactly what she is doing and why. I have learned so much from her. She will even show you or tell you how you can treat some of your symptoms at home in between visits. I feel amazing after my treatments.... it’s like an instant release in my body!

Amy Siock Paynton

Meg is able to effectively eliminate my TMJ pressure, and the often embarrassing jaw and face movements I need to make to relieve stress. My face always feels 40 lbs lighter after leaving! More importantly, my whole mind/body feels lighter. I have been going to Meg for facial & foot reflexology for almost 9 years, & every time she works such Healing of my TMJ & toxin release. I have NEVER left anything less than WOWed by her expertise & unique way of getting me into such a peaceful state. Meg visibly puts 120% into each client & truly cares about their physical & emotional well-being. It sounds hokey, but she is a true Healer. I could NEVER have Believed in ALL the benefits of her reflexology until I Experienced it. Let her Take Care of you so you can be better and help more people in return!!!

Ben Winderman

Meg introduced me to reflexology recently, and the experience was incredible. She briefly explained the vast history of the practice, showed me a map of human pressure points, and individualized my session based upon information specific to me and my life. By the time she began I was totally comfortable and at ease, which allowed me to fully appreciate and enjoy the magic of her touch. Giving yourself a session with Meg is a perfect way to care for and love yourself; it feels wonderful during and pays dividends afterwards. She has thousands of years of strength stored in her fingertips, and the presence to share it with you. I honestly can’t wait to return for my next appointment!

Marjorie Pfanstiel

Megan is very compassionate and skilled. She listens to your problems and instructs you on how to help yourself in addition to her reflexology treatment.