Reflexology Party

This service includes six 20 minute sessions. Meg will come to your home or venue equipped with a zero gravity chair and all necessary products. All you need to provide is a quiet space to receive services and six recipients. Services will be given consecutively in 20 minute intervals with a 5 minute transition time for each client. Hostess should allow 2.5 hours for the entire reflexology party.

$250 includes the first six recipients.

Reflexology is a holistic manual therapy that originated in Egypt and China over 3,000 yrs ago. Using a variety of techniques to palpate the areas of the face , scalp, feet and hands the practitioner Locates deposits. These deposits are uric acid ( a waste product ) that causes Inflammation on the nerve roots causing pain in the body. Breaking up these deposits using finger pressure improves nerve function and blood circulation, as well as lymphatic flow within the body.